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Frequently Asked Questions

If holding a valid Schengen visa on the passport. Could the documents be submitted for a new visa? If yes, will the previous visa be canceled?

Documents can be submitted not earlier than 90 days before the trip. If you have a valid Schengen visa, you may submit documents for a new visa if both visas do not overlap each other.

If one of the visas has single entry and period of validity are overlapped then the previous visa must be canceled. A letter for annulation of the visa to be submitted along with the application.

If the period of both visas is not overlapped the previous visa would not be canceled.

If applicant has received a new international passport, the previous one has been canceled but there is a valid Schengen visa, is it possible to transfer the visa to a new passport?

It is not possible to transfer the visa from old passport to new one.

While the visa is valid, you may travel presenting both international passports on customs.

However this is not the case when passport has been issued for previous surname. If the applicant has changed surname or name then the previous visa must be canceled and submit documents for visa in new passport.

Is it possible to travel to other Schengen countries with visa issued by the Estonian Embassy?

Multiple Schengen visa makes it possible to travel to any Schengen country.

Single entry visa makes it possible too. But you must be ready to explain customs officials why you have changed the purpose of the travel. Also the same questions can be arisen in Consulate when considering your next requests.

The previous visa is valid until 24.08 and new visa will be valid from 25.08 onwards. The travel has been planned from 20.08 to 29.08. Is it
necessary to cross the border to start the new visa?

No, it is not necessary. You can arrive in Schengen country with your previous valid visa and depart with new one. Of course, if your both visas are multiple.

If an applicant has a valid multiple Schengen visa issued by the Spain Embassy. What should an applicant do to travel to Estonia with this visa?

You may travel to Estonia with Schengen visa issued by consulate of any Schengen country. The medical insurance should be valid for the period of travel.

If an applicant has received a visa in the Estonian Embassy. Is it necessary to visit Estonia first?

It is not necessary, the travel may begin from some other Schengen country.

The Schengen visa is valid now but the number of days has already been used. Could this visa be canceled and apply for a new one?

Only if the number of days shown on visa is less than 90 days. The Schengen Visa type C entitles the holder to stay in Schengen countries maximum 90 days within a period of 6 months. If all 90 days have been used it is not possible to receive a new visa until its expiry date.

If you need to stay in Estonia more than 90 days, you have to apply for a long term visa or submit document for issue a stay permit.

If the applicant is going to submit documents for a child. Is it necessary for the child to present at the visa center?

One of the parents, guardian or a person acting under the power of attorney obliges to submit documents for the minor children. It is not necessary to bring children under the age of 12. Effective from 14.09.2015 children at the age of 12-18 must come personally to provide fingerprint (one time in five years).

Can documents be submitted without prior appointment?

The documents can be submitted without an appointment in case of emergency. It is recommended to book an appointment in advance. It will help to reduce the time spent in the visa center. To book an appointment, please follow the link below:

If friend invites an applicant to visit him at his place in Estonia. What documents are to be provided by the inviting person?

If the inviting person is permanent resident in Estonia then the documents should indicate his/her name, address, telephone number and e-mail in the application form.

If applicant would like to take a pet while traveling. What documents are required? Should this be mentioned while applying for the visa?

Information about pets transportation to Estonia is on The Veterinary Department’s web-site, please follow the link below:

No information about the pet is to be presented while applying for visa.

Is there any limit to import food, alcohol and cigarettes to Estonia?

Yes, there is. You may familiarize with customs rules on Department of a Taxation web-site, please follow the link below:

Where and how may I pay for visa fee?

Visa fee should be payed by cash in Saint Petersburg Visa Center and online on the website of the visa center in the regions.

Is hotel reservation acceptable for visa application?

It is acceptable by the Consulate.