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Prime-time visa submission

Dear Applicants!
For your convenience,  effective  from  the 1st  of  August , 2016, we extend the time of documents submission & collection for a visa to Estonia Consulate until 8:00 p.m.

The appointment for document submission for tuesday or thursday can be booked via web site or by phone from 4:30 p.m. till 7:30 pm
All applicants are kindly requested to provide correct contact details.

The passport can be collected till 18:00 without registration on a first-come basis.

Please note the list of documents required:

1)    Applicant  receipt  by appointment only

2)    Supporting documents:
– the purpose of the trip (paid hotel reservation, tickets / itinerary sheet for one-day trip; copy of inviting person’s ID card / invitation; registered certificate from the Red Cross; an extract from the land register with issued not later than 1 year),
– if applicable, document confirming relationships (birth certificate), the reason of surname changes (divorce certificate/marriage registration certificate);
– if applicable, notarized consent from parents for a child to travel abroad (accompained or not);
– financial guarantee (more information can be found at Financial Guarantees section ).

3)    Payment by credit card ONLY

NB! Additional services available at the time of documents submission – medical insurance, photograph service, application form filling.

Service cost:

- Service fee – 1450  rubles

- Visa fee – 35 euro according to the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia (in rubles).

- Insurance (the actual price of the insurance policy depends on the rate choosen)

- Photograph service – 250 rubles

- Application form filling – 250 rubles.

- Photocopy – 25 rubles/page

- Sms  – 50 rubles